What We Do

As Escapist, we create custom designed game events for Turkey’s leading brands and corporate companies.

Our Services for Corporate Companies and Brands


Experience Design

We provide new generation event services to corporate companies and brands with our expertise in custom game and experience design.


With gamification of information and messages intended for a target audience, we curate experiences that are more fun, creative and effective than traditional methods for in-house and brand communication events.


We provide turnkey lighting, audio, visual and multimedia services with our professional crew and technical equipment.


We create workshops with experts, artists and HR educators for all your corporate training event and activities.


Our Events

Events We Create with our Expertise in Experience Design, Gamification and Production

Brand Experience Events

Brand and Product Experience - Launch PR – Influencer Activity – Escape Room Game – Brand and Product Placement

Marketing Communication

In-House Events

Teamwork and Motivation Events – In-house Communication Events – In-house Launch – Company Picnis - Family Days

Corporate Communication

Online Events

Online Company Events strengthen the bond between your remote working teams, increase motivation for teamwork.


Human Resources Events

We create custom experiences for HR Department’s hiring processes with gamification for various projects like orientation or training.


Festivities and Contests

We design events as part of festivals or contests according to participant profile and desired concept.


Mall Events

We design creative and different outdoor and/or indoor activities for the target audience of your mall.


Escape Room Games

Our Escape Room Game Center located at Trump Mall invites players from the corporate world to adventure with 6 different games.



We organize workshops with experts, educators and artists.

For an authentic and creative experience design

What is the Process?

We work together from the design phase of the project to the end of the operation


Project Brief

We receive your brief on the purpose of the project, goals, intended messages, participant profile, corporate values, product or service details for scenario design and puzzle construct.

Determining Needs

We determine the audio, visual, lighting, production or third party collaboration needs of the Project, considering the number of participants, venue and ambiance.



Desired Pay-offs

For in-house communication events, the desired pay-off for participants are teamwork, collaboration, creativity, leadership, communication, analytical thinking, problem solving, strategic decision making and delegating work. For marketing communication events, the desired pay-offs are creating a bond between the brand and the target audience, delivering product features and benefits clearly, impressing upon brand identity through experience and such.

Concept Design

Custom scenario design, creation of audio and visual effects, casting, costume and other game products



Game Design

Determining the game flow, constructing mental and physical puzzles, designing game materials and game props during the gamification process.

Production Process

Once the game design is complete, all of the visual, decorative, electronic props and costumes are produced. They are made ready for operation after necessary tests are done.



Operation Process

Once the installation is complete, the game begins with our Game Masters welcoming participants into the game zone under the supervision of our technical team. Guidance is provided in order to make sure that the game proceeds within the allocated time slot. When the mission is completed, the event ends with an impressive finale.

Result and Feedback

The process is evaluated with feedback from the participants. Necessary notes are taken for upcoming projects.


About our Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Participant profile, purpose of the event, venue, desired pay-offs and messages to be conveyed to the participants need to be in this brief in a detailed way. These criteria are used for the concept design of the experience and scenario construct. When we are working on the details of the game and puzzles, we require information on the history of the company/brand, major milestones, corporate values, product technical features, benefits and in-house communication messages. We also use visual material such as corporate key visual and videos in our scenario production and puzzle design.

We can design custom experiences for all of your company’s marketing communication events like PR events, product launches, brand experience activities, organizations and contests designed for B2B and B2C target audiences, expos and festivals.

We propose a budget depending on the details we receive from you and the needs of the event. If you can send us an e-mail at info@escapistevent.com.tr with information on the activity you’d like to create, we will get back to you as soon as possible with our budget proposal. For the proposal, we ask that you provide us with a short description of the purpose and participant profile of the event, expected number of participants, venue and date details. You can also call us from +90 212 272 0 372 and give us these details as well.

Participants join our physical and online games in teams. Even when the number of total participants is high, we organize the teams with a maximum number of 10 participants in order to make sure that everyone plays an active role.

We require 4-8 weeks of preparation time depending on the size and scope of the event after agreeing on the project proposal and receiving a detailed brief. If the event requires a custom software, this period can last longer depending on the scope of the project.

Our team consists of professionals that are experts in their own area of focus with experience and education. You can find information about the team in charge of design, production, sales and marketing, finance, administration and contact them on https://escapistevent.com.tr/en/about-us/

For Detailed Information on Corporate Projects

We can understand your needs for creative projects and offer you our ideas and proposals.