Festivals, Contests and Mall Events

With our festival & contest & mall events concept we build fun and functional spaces for festivals, tournaments, contests programmed to have different groups compete with one another and mall events.

Festival Events

We create special concepts and games for festivals where the number of participants and the expectations from the event run extremely high.

College Fests

You can benefit from the festive platforms and fun events created by Escapist for your college festivities.

Contest Designs

You can benefit from real-life physical competitions which we design and install or online application platforms for tournaments and championships where the competition is fierce!

Mall Events

We design numerous Mall Event organizations from cage games to escape room events filled with mind games and varios scenarios.


Festival & Contest & Mall Events


Festivals are one of the most loved and cherished group activities enjoyed by many. In these organizations that have a high number of participants and an ever higher rate of expectation, we create one of a kind game installations and custom concept designs for you.

Our creative concept team takes your special requests for any specific messages you want to deliver to the guests or any themes you’d like to highlight for the festival and they design the custom presentations and group games accordingly. We support these services with our alternative cooperation models such as product replacement or custom scenarios for any marketing moves you would like to make.

With custom design concepts, not only you provide a fun time for the guests filled with games, activities and contests but you also highlight messages, promotions or services you’d like to market.

University Fests

University Fests are high intensity organizations dedicated to young people having fun. With Escapist, you can make use of our festivities platforms and organize fun events.

We plan and create university fests with various parkours, stage organizations, introduction and career events. We create a fun atmosphere of competition filled with university attendees’ favorite applications and contests. We design platforms where youth can come together and focus on ideas and concepts. And we do all of these in a very short amount of time.

It is possible to provide a brand experience for youth in one of these events where career planning is highlighted for brands that want to introduce and market themselves and their sectors through festivals.

Contest Designs

We present applications and games designed for your brand to turn the competitive atmosphere that the corporate world is no stranger to, into fun. You can benefit from our real-life physical set-ups or online platforms for contests or championships where two or more teams compete for prices and glory.

Behind the fun and competitive nature of our contests we create a challenge for creative ideas and strong minds to battle one another. Teams that can work their personal skills and showcase their teamwork skills, which is the most crucial one for corporate life, can increase their rate of success in our contests.

You can enjoy the competitive and fun nature of our contests which we hold for two or more teams within the same company or a rival company. At the same time, you can create platforms for your employees to display and improve their skills in teamwork, problem solving, creativity and motivation.

Mall Events

Malls are amongst the most popular choices for promotion and brand PR events. Events with good advertisement work generate a lot of visitor traffic in malls where people’s traffic is very high to begin with.

Escapist creates platforms for physical tournaments and contests, does brand experience work and product placement for all kinds of mall events. Our services include designing and creating some of our very popular cage games and escape room games filled with mind games and various scenarios for your mall events.

Our creative team conceptualizes events for those that want to organize physical contests and tournaments and have a live audience join in on the fun. Within these events we use product placement and promotion focused game concepts according to your needs and provide an excellent brand experience for your target audience.

Mall Event Types

Why Escapist Events?

Escapist is a brand that functions within international parameters in terms of group activities and new age solution partnership. The standards for marketing and PR activities, concept applications for private events and organization constructs that are needed by various sectors are set and maintained according to global innovations.

Managements that want to organize innovative and futuristic events, enlarge the horizons of corporate business areas and keep their employees fresh and motivated in fun and competitive atmospheres work with and benefit from Escapist Events.

You too can take the organizations under your management to a completely new level compared to your competition and make them impressive and flawless by working with Escapist, who is at the forefront in countless expos, events, Mall events, university fests, PR meetings and championships.

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