In-House Events

With games we design specifically for your corporate company, we create an atmosphere where your teams get to have fun and internalize the information you’d like to convey.

TeamWork and Motivation Events

We design experiences for your in-house communication organizations to strengthen the communication between your employees, support teamwork, improve the relationship between the corporation and the employees, increase efficiency and enhance motivation.

Events for HR Processes

We carry out performance analysis and team work coaching for your HR processes such as hiring, orientation and training events. With our expert coaches specialized in HR, your employees’ individual and group performances in the experiences we create are observed, analyzed and shared.

Company Picnics and Family Days

Your teams are guaranteed to have a great time together with fun activities we put together in delightful outdoor venues for your company picnic. For more specific events such as Family Day, we include all members of your employees’ family into the fun as well. We create custom design areas where adults, young ones and children can have fun with their peers.

Escape Room Center Events

Your corporate teams can step into a world of exciting adventure in our Escape Room Games Center at Trump Mall in Istanbul. The participants display and improve their skills in teamwork, communication, analytical thinking, problem solving, creativity and time management in our 5 different games with genres that go from mystery to horror to adventure.


In-House Events


Teamwork and Motivation Events

We design custom experiences in order to strengthen the communication between your employees, support teamwork, improve the relationship between the corporation and the employees, enhance motivation and increase efficiency as part of your in-house communication organizations. It is important for corporations and companies to organize motivation events frequently as these events contribute to an increase in the quality of both production and service. It is our job to turn these events into professional experiences with fitting constructs that match your company’s needs.

Events for HR Processes

With games and experiences we design both in the physical and the digital world, it is possible to observe and evaulate employees as part of your HR department’s hiring, orientation, performance review or training activities. As part of this service, we provide reports prepared by coaches and HR experts on reviews of the employees’ highlighted traits and characteristics from the game. In these reports, we review employees on a number of skills such as teamwork, analytical approach, problem solving, communication, leadership and motivation that they displayed throughout the game. These reports are then used by companies’ HR departments to determine which project groups these employees should be assigned to or which training they need to be assigned to.

We also provide a Team Coaching Workshop after the experience where participants review their own performances with supervision from our expert coaches.

Skills Evaluated

Company Picnics and Family Days

Family Days and Picnics are the most enjoyable and cherished events amongst all company organizations. Family Days are great for bringing everyone together, having teams and employees get to know one another better and enhancing motivation. This event also allows for employees to spend time with each other outside of work therefore increasing team spirit and communication at work. It’s not just for employees but for their kids and family as well with playpens, musical shows and photo booths for all members of the family to enjoy.

These events are supported by special contests and platforms where employees collect unforgettable memories with their loved ones and colleagues

Company Picnic Activities


Corporate teams step into a new world in Istanbul Mecidiyeköy Trump Mall where they try to escape a room looking for clues and cracking codes in under 60 minutes. In doing so, they gain a new appreacitation of what it means to be a team, improve leadership skills and have fun with our custom interior design and game scenario.

This event can be organized as a tournament and teams can enjoy competing with one another.

Our Escape Room Games
Game and Experience Design

Motivation Events

Research shows that companies with high employee commitment levels are far more succesful than those with low employee commitment levels where employees don’t have a sense of belonging to the company or the company culture. Therefore one of the most crucial responsibilities of the management is to come up with solutions that will increase their employees commitment and motivation levels.

teaching new skills that will help them work better with one another. With our games and experiences designed for this specific purpose, teams get to know each other in ways they didn’t before and gain the required pay-offs by having fun together.

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