Name of the Event
Secret Legacy
In-House Communication Event
Number of Participants
70 participants
Milyon Beach
Project Content:

The game started with a presentation of a custom video production explaining the players the scenario of the game. The players were met by Escapist Game Masters all dressed in special agent suits. When all the players were in the game zone a countdown began for 2 hours. The teams moved paralel to one another in a set up where 75 players played at the same time in 8 different teams. The game had physical, mental and electronic puzzles that were designed and created according to the Puma brief. The players had to use their skills of making decision under stress, team consciousness, creativity, motivation and reflexes all the way upto to the very end of the game. Some of them discovered they had skills they didnt know they had before. Each team got a deactivation key at the end of their game flow. In the grand finale all 8 teams joined their deactivation keys to receive the last clue which they used to end the game successfuly.

Project Video

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