In line with the changing needs of the business world today, companies have brought innovations to their way of doing business in many areas. When comparing traditional learning methods by listening and reading vs. gamified learning experiences, it is seen that information is easily remembered and participation increases with gamification. As Escapist, we create fun, more creative and effective experiences by gamifying the information and messages to be given to the target audience instead of classical methods in in-house communication and brand communication activities.

Gamification in Internal Communication Activities:
Within the framework of in-house communication activities, we design special experiences where teams can learn and internalize information while having fun with gamified experiences instead of classical methods, such as recruitment, orientation, teamwork and motivation, training etc. We can give your teams an engaging learning experience by gamification.

Virtual Team Building Activities

Gamification in Brand Experience: In events where the brand and the products meet with the target audience, we transform a lot of information that is desired to reach the target audience, such as product information, benefits, technology, advantages, into a fun brand experience with gamification. We design gamified brand experiences for many brand marketing activities such as product launches, PR events, influencer activities, in-store activities.

Corporate Team Building


Company Events, Productions, Training / Workshops

Brand Events, Productions

Let's design gamified experiences for your teams and brand.

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