Internal Communications/ Company Events

For corporate companies, we organize events that will bring both fun and teamwork to internal communications meetings. With our specially designed game events, teams have an exciting and enjoyable experience, while at the same time, they can deliver the messages of the company such as vision, mission, corporate values and etc ​​in the most effective way. By integrating the details reflecting the company’s Human Resources strategy into the game content, we create a fun and developing experience for employees.

Incentives, Motivational Activities: Within the scope of in-house communication organizations, we design experiences based on the brief to support teamwork, to strengthen the bonds within the company and enhance team performance.

Incentives Motivational Activities

Orienteering and Orientation: We design Orienteering activities for the teams to overcome obstacles in solidarity to reach a common goal. Regarding the onboarding period, the new employees meet with each other and get to know the corporate culture and values ​​in an experience in the most creative and entertaining format. We design experiences and gamify the messages specifically to achieve in-house communication and training goals.

Family Days and Company Picnics: Within the organization, we create specially designed areas where adults, teenagers and children can have fun together or separately. If you wish, we can design a special game experience for families to discover the concepts of the company in an exciting game. And this time hero families!

Escapist Escape Games Center Events, Tournaments: Corporate teams experience the most exciting team building activity by stepping through the gates of different worlds in our Escapist Escape Games Center located in Trump Shopping Mall. In 6 different games in adventure, detective, mystery, horror, and thriller themes; teams demonstrate and develop teamwork, communication skills, analytical thinking, problem solving, creativity, time management, observation and motivation skills. We may plan the event in the tournament format and give the teams the excitement of competing.

Escapist Escape Games Center Events Tournaments

HR Performance Analysis: HR Performance Analysis services provide the evaluation of the players during the game. We present reports prepared by experienced Human Resources Experts, where the prominent characteristics of the employees are evaluated in 5 main and 15 sub-areas, namely being a team, analytical approach and problem solving, communication, leadership, and motivation. The These reports can be used as a reference while creating the project groups that employees will work on or creating the training plans.

Group Activities

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