Experience Design

In line with the brief we received from corporate companies, we create completely different worlds to give participants unforgettable moments. The purpose of the event, the information and messages to be given to the participants, the venue, the duration of the event, etc. , we carefully design all the details in order to achieve the goals of the organization by creating creative experiences specific to the criteria.

Brief and Draft Study Presentation: At the first stage, we present  a draft concept study by taking a brief about the goals of the event, the messages to be given to the participants. We also prepare our budget covering experience design, production, implementation and operation services.

Virtual Team Building

Detailed Design: After the necessary revisions are made according to the comments on the draft concept and the fiction, we work on the messages and information to be given to the participants. We place them in the experience using elements like gamification, installation, role playing etc. in line with the designed concept.

Corporate Event Experience

Prop Design and Production: We actively use technology to create a “wow effect” in the participants during the experience. We use electro-mechanical equipment, which we call electro-props, as needed. We specially design and manufacture these products in our atelier within the framework of the concept of experience.

Team Building Activities

Installation and Operation: Before the event, all the stands, electronic props and production equipment produced by our experienced team are installed. When the time of the event comes, the participants are taken to the venue and the show starts.

Outdoor Team Building


Company Events, Productions, Training / Workshops

Brand Events, Productions

We design experiences that the participants live unforgettable moments.

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