Brand Events

PR, consumer campaign, product launch… which are among the integrated marketing activities of your corporate brand, we organize creative and original-minded corporate events for your plans. In the events, we design experiences and gamify messages for the target audience of the brand. Young people and professionals enjoy real game experiences full of fun, exciting, cleverly designed mind games. By using the visual and narrative materials released during the games with the right strategy in social media, it is ensured that the desired message is spread to large masses in the most effective way.

Brand / Product Experiences, Launches: We design new product and service launch activities in various places and your target audience can meet and engage with your brand. Brand, product, service, technology etc. We gamify the benefits of the new product and create specially designed game fiction around it and design game visuals based on your brand values and marketing communication. A unique brand experience is provided for the target audience during the game.

Team Building Games

PR / Influencer Activity:  We design PR activities and influencer events specially designed around a theme for your social media campaigns.

PR Influencer Activity

Escape Room Brand / Product Placement: By making branding or product placement in our escape game rooms with different themes, you can make your target audience meet with your product and your brand message in a creative and exciting way.

Escape Room Brand Product Placement

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Brand Events, Productions

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